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RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon

RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon
RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon
Brand: Green Raccoon
Product Code: RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon
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Price: 180.00₪

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RBA "AMON" by Green Raccoon

"AMON" is  Designed and produced by Green Raccoon new RBA

Due Direct blowing air flow is routed directly through the bottom area airflow tubes, collecting air flows with less force and less time of inhaling can give more powerful airflow on coil
Because of the 3 holes of different diameters are available as heavy cigarette and  California inhaling. For those to whom this is not enough, it is possible to unscrew the airflow tubes  and get even bigger hole in the airflow.
A strong flow of air in conjunction with a very low evaporation chamber contributes to the excellent taste of disclosure Feels resembling floating effect it Dripper. Steam moderately warm.
Easy comfortable filling from the top. Do not need any screwdrivers, bolts, etc.,  not need  remove atomizer from the mod. Just remove the top cover and through a large hole completely, all the way, to fill the tank.

Possibility use own Drip tips without having to select the o-rings. Any type of Drip tip sits tightly enough and it can be easily controlled dome.
Smooth control of liquid supply! There is absolutely no problem to use liquid-based glycerin.
By virtue of its design, it is possible to use a clear tanks from Kayfun 3.1 and 4 . They are perfectly attuned sitting down on the thread.

 RBA Amon
Controlling the supply of liquid
Airflow Control
Capacity about 4.5 ml (approximately)
Height 43 mm
Base 22 mm
Body 22 mm
Steel 303 ss
Polycarbonate Tank
Copper contact

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