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Privacy Policy

This code and the entire website refers equally to both sexes, and the use of the masculine gender is for convenience only .
Website ( AllForYummyVapor ) is an Internet site , a virtual store manager , and offers its customers information and selling different products.

Services and Prices Policy and booking
Site for sale items lenders pictures , images intended for illustration purposes only , next to each item displayed price USD, database user can add shopping cart each item , after being impressed by it and the price, the user can change quantities, add or subtract items from the shopping basket at any time , at the end invitation has access Checkout for approval.

Buyer details and Site Security
When booking through the website , the purchaser will be required to provide personal details , order details , credit card details etc, the owners and / or operators and / or managers and / or their representatives are not responsible for any mistake made ​​by the buyer when typing details . Also, the above shall not be liable directly or indirectly responsible for the situation where the purchase details are not received by the system and / or any technical and / or other prevent operation of the site.
Type of false information is a criminal offense . Who submit false details will be taken legal action , including claims for damages that could be caused to the Site and / or the site owner and / or to operators and / or any of its directors and / or anyone acting on their behalf . In the case of information incorrectly (including buyer 's personal information ) , is reserved to the Company and / or its right to reject the offer. Details of the operation site , including the details and the details of the purchaser , will be encrypted using a security protocol (SSL ) , conventional electronic commerce , computer data processing company. These details will not be passed by the Company and operators outside parties , except the credit card company , but only to complete the purchase operations carried out by the buyer.
The store will be allowed to send the buyer an e-mail and contact them in writing or verbally any information regarding the operations of the company, innovation and so on , unless you notify the buyer in writing that he is not interested .

Ownership and protection of rights
The site contains various materials are protected by copyrights , trademarks, and other proprietary rights , including content , photographs , graphics , music, video, and sound , some of which are owned by the Company and others are owned by third parties. Purchase and / or surf and / or any third J. actions is not allowed to modify, publish , transmit, or transfer , to take part in the transfer or sale and use the site or part of it to create derivative works or exploit the site , and / or the contents of the site , in whole or in part for any purpose other than the purpose , for which the site was created . now permits the user to " download " ( download ) data to a personal computer for personal , non-commercial , this permit as well as any other lawful action site does not transfer to user ownership rights on any information that is particular and site and content of the Site at all .

Limitation of Liability
The sole responsibility for all products and any information or representation made ​​on any terms of the nature of products, including the names of the manufacturers, product quality , product features , product images , etc. , apply to manufacturers and / or importers and / or authorized resellers of the products, the - according to laws and regulations of consumer protection .
The site is taking all measures to ensure that the information presented on reliable, enough will become apparent errors in cases where the information presented on the site, the site shall take all measures to solve the problem and allow the cancellation of the transaction without incurring cancellation fees .
The images are for illustrative purposes only. Note that there may be differences and changes in the product appearance to the actual product image .
Anyway the shop liability , under any legal action of the products mentioned in this section shall not exceed beyond the actual price of the product / service ordered by the buyer . Store and / or owners and / or founders and / or operators and / or managers and / or their representatives are not responsible for that server on which the website will be free of viruses or foreign elements or elements that may damage or impair the buyer's personal computer or other equipment of the buyer when he enters and / or orders services and / or use the site , subject to taking all security measures by the site. In addition , the store will not be responsible for any illegal website made ​​by the purchaser or any third party, which controlled the company. Company may terminate or prevent the connection or access to acquire any part of the Site or the entire site at any time.

Privacy Statement
We do our best to avoid exposure of personal information , except those shown in the user profile . This information may be used to benefit users, and will never be shared with any third parties , except :
A. Situations where the law requires us to disclose the information .
In . Against the suspected malicious site that sabotaged or hit the surfers and the like.

Indemnification and compensation for improper use of the site
Anyone that improper use of the site agrees to indemnify and hold the store and / or owners and / or founders and / or operators and / or managers and / or their representatives for any claim and / or expense and / or damages of any kind whatsoever including legal costs , which are incurred by the Company / or owners and / or founders and / or operators and / or managers and / or their representatives .

Choice of Law and Venue :
The regulations apply only to the laws of the State of Israel , exclusive jurisdiction in any matter relating to the terms of use were competent courts in the area of Bat Yam